Who are we?

Carmen Liu Lingerie is the UK's first lingerie company offering products designed specifically for the needs of the LGBTQIA+, trans and non-binary community. We are here to support your individual journey in gender expression and to push social binaries of femininity to higher bounds.

‘It feels unbearable using a product that, not only isn’t designed for you, but doesn’t even have your needs thought about’ (Carmen Liu, 2021).

Wearing underwear should not be a dreaded experience. That’s what we are here to change! Providing luxurious, specifically designed products with your needs at the upmost forefront. All products offer complete efficiency, keeping everything in place and secure, whilst highlighting your individual, flawless features.

Carmen Liu Lingerie brings inclusivity and equality to an entire new level, yet to be seen from any other leading companworldwide. We are soon to launch many new collections encompassing the LGBTQIA+ community and all members of our society. Not only allowing people to be who they want, but celebrating just this.