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Frequently Asked Questions

Pride Perks is your ultimate loyalty scheme, designed to shower our awesome customers with discounts, goodies, and exclusives that are as unique as you are. In this colorful world, Points = Perks! So, the more points you collect, the juicier the rewards you unlock. Just remember, Points = Perks! Shop, earn, and revel in the rewards! 🌈✨.

To join the Pride Perks party, simply create your store account! As a warm welcome, you'll instantly earn a delightful 100 Pride Points. Once you've done that, you're all set to dive into the exciting activities we've prepared just for you to keep those points flowing in!

Pride Points are calculated on all items in your basket for every £1 you spend, you receive 5 Pride Points. That means for every £100 spent, you'll pocket 500 Pride Points. Keep shopping, keep earning, and keep celebrating with Pride Perks!.

Earning points with Pride Perks is as easy as spreading love! Here's how: Shop with us: You'll earn points on every purchase, whether it's full-priced or discounted items. Fill your piggy bank with points with every transaction. You can also earn points by completing activities listed above under the 'Ways to Earn' secotion. The more you engage, the more points you accumulate, and the bigger your Pride Perks become!

Unlocking the magic of your Pride Points is a breeze! Navigate to the "Ways to Redeem" secotion above – it's where the rainbow of rewards awaits. There, you'll discover a dazzling list of discounts and goodies you can redeem your points for. Go ahead, sprinkle some sparkle on your savings! With Pride Perks, every click is a step toward a more colorful, rewarding shopping experience!