Carmen Liu Kids The Journey

  • The journey to exploring yourself can be hard, we sure know this. We want to change that. And we want to get it right. We are here to provide gender expression products for trans girls and non-binary children in aim of finding their true, authentic self. Each step towards positive change needs to be small. One step at a time. Too much at one point can overwhelm, and that is not our aim.

  • The CARMEN LIU KIDS Activity Pack begins the journey now. Move through an array of flowers which create the outline for the story ahead. Complete activities and learn along the way. Build a collection of CARMEN LIU KIDS badges, keyrings and stickers and feel a part of something incredibly special. Have time to process this emotional journey, whilst feeling loved and validated. Activity Packs are available now! Start the journey ahead today.

  • Again, change needs to come in small steps. When ready for the next step forward, we are here to provide the stepping stone. The briefs. We look the same, but we are not. There is the brilliance. No scope for feeling ‘different’, or out of place. No reason for unwanted attention. Only room for explorative personal growth. The Briefs are ready when needed.

  • The start of this journey can be difficult. We know, and we are doing everything we can to make it calm, educational, and immersive.

  • Please speak to us. We understand this is the first company in the world to be providing these products. Questions? We have the answers. And if we don’t, we will find someone that will. We can work through this together. Please send us a message.

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